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The team at JJN Roofing Services posses a wealth of experience in pointing. We provide lasting pointing solutions which will offer greater protection from the elements and general wear and tear.

Excessive weather conditions or even general weathering over time can cause decay and gaps between roofing materials and mortar. They can appear flakey and start crumbling away. If not treated, can cause significant long term damage as well as heavy repair costs.

At JJN Roofing Services, we provide professional and effective pointing services which can increase both the value and appearance of your home or property. We always make sure we colour match, style and texture match to your existing mortar ensuring the additions perfectly blend in to compliment your property's existing appearance.

Each pointing solution will be tailored to your specific requirements and our experienced and skilled roofing team will always ensure damaged to brickwork is avoided at all costs.

Some benefits of our pointing service include:

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