Dry Ridge Installations

The team at JJN Roofing Services posses a wealth of experience in installing dry ridge and dry verge roofing systems.

There are many advantages of having a dry ridge installed on your roof. By installing a dry ridge, you can lock the ridge titles and verges together with fixings. This makes them less prone to fail in high winds as well as making the roof more secure by locking it in place.

In contrast to traditional ridge tiles which are cemented with mortar (and prone to erode over the years), dry ridge/ dry verge systems do not use mortar. This makes it a much stronger and more resistant solution against the elements.

We at JJN Roofing Services have over 14 years experience installing dry ridge and dry verge systems across Greater Manchester and surrounding areas. All our roofing work is carried out to the highest standards and always backed with a guarantee.

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